A long sigh.....

I'm not sure what my deal is today, but I'm in a funk! Hence the title of this post. I just feel like a long sigh. The kids were really testy today...or maybe it was just me. Who knows. I've been praying so much today, just trying to get to the bottom of what's going on, but I've come up empty handed so far. Oh well. I'm just going to keep my eyes focused on Jesus and keep loving on my family.

The kids and I took a walk today. Being outside was SO nice! I'm hoping Spring is here to stay! The kids are loving all the outside time too. They seem to be sleeping better. That's always a plus of outdoor play. I'm so thankful for the swing set form Jon's cousin. The kids have gotten so much use out of it and I'm sure they will get many years more. It has been such a blessing!


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