What a glorious weekend

Despite the issues I'm having with my daughter (which seem to be getting better) I had such a wonderful weekend with my family! Joanna stayed the night at Grandma and Papa's Friday night, so it was just Jon, the boys, Emilee and me. We had pizza and just lounged around for the evening. It was really nice. Jon went to a friend of ours house to help with some gardening because we're doing a garden with them this summer. That should be fun. Anyway. It was just a nice night to relax.

On Saturday, we last minute decided to take the boys to the Imagination Station! What a great idea that was. They had such a wonderful time and was worth every penny. I loved watching the boys get into all the imaginary play. Their creative minds amaze me! They played and played for hours. It was so fun. I even met a woman with a baby the same age as Emilee and that was nice.

**i was bummed about the crummy pictures, but still cute nonetheless**

After the Imagination Station, we had to do some shopping for a baby shower I was going to today (Sunday). I found some really good deals which ALWAYS excites me. Then we headed to Grandma and Papa's to pick up Joanna. She was happy to see me, which surprised because usually she isn't. But I was glad. Then we came home and got everyone bathed and put to bed for church.

Today has been a good day too. I love going to church. Having the opportunity to worship my Lord and Savior, fellowship with fellow believers, who wouldn't have a great day if it started out like that?? I am just so thankful that I can worship my God without any restrictions. I love my Jesus so much! He has blessed me more than I can say. Oh, and Lee was doing a sermon on Biblical Parenting. I had to leave half way through to nurse Emilee, but I got the CD, so I'm hoping to listen to it maybe tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to hearing. Lord knows I need some guidance lately.

After church, I went to a baby shower for a friend. She had a really good turn-out. I was a diaper/wipes party and she got a TON of diapers and wipes. But like I told her, she'll use it all. It's amazing how much of that stuff you go through.

It was a nice weekend. I'm so thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with and continues to bless me with.


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