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It's been crazy here in the Barnes household. My oh my! I'll start with the kids. They are growing and changing SO fast. I can barely keep up. They have been so much fun though. Emilee is starting to make cooing noises and is smiling so much easier. Alex is getting more ornery. I guess that means more discipline. (hehe) Kyle has been getting into imaginary play quite a bit with Joanna. It's been fun watching them. Joanna is doing wonderful in school and is excelling.

We have been praying and seriously considering homeschooling next year. It's something we've been tossing around for a while. And the Lord seems to be pushing us in that direction. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Joanna is really excited about the idea so I think that will help with the transition. I think it will be Kyle and Joanna even though Kyle isn't kindergarten age yet. I think we'll go through kindergarten with him and then do it again. So kind of like a pre-k thing. I'm go between being really excited and over-joyed to wondering what in the WORLD am I thinking. I personally hated school, but I think I'll do okay teaching my kids if I have the right curriculum. Any advise is more than welcomed.

On top of thinking and praying about that decision, we have a house guest. A young lady and her brand new baby is staying with us for a while. It's been pretty good so far, I think. It's been fun watching her with her new babe and thinking back to those beginning days. Emilee still seems small, even next to the new baby, which makes me really happy. And it also makes me really grateful for the stage she's at. I forgot how un-schedulelike (if you will) new babies can be. I'm so thankful for our schedule. I would also covet your prayers while she's here. For us to be a shining light of God and to help her through the early phases of motherhood.

I think that's about all. Highly abbreviated! :) I am so thankful and so blessed with this life the Lord has given me. I need to stop complaining and just enjoy the ride. Even when I'm overly stressed, tired, and annoyed, I need to keep my eyes focused on the Lord and be thankful!


Blogger Tess Smith said...

google sunlight (i think that's the name) it's a christian based homeschooling program.


April 14, 2010 at 8:27 PM  

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