Things have been so wonderful around here today. I am so thankful for the Lord showing me how to handle my kids and myself to change things around here. Today went so nicely. Praise the Lord!

In other news....I caught Emilee smiling today (photo attached) :) I've been trying to catch her smiling with the camera and keep failing! GRRRR. Every time I get the camera out, she stops smiling. But I finally caught her!!

The kids have been fun, but calm today. I kind of wonder if they aren't coming down with something. We'll see. Kyle napped today. A little backround. Kyle NEVER naps. And hasn't since he was about 2 1/2. Alex napped too. And he hasn't for about 6 months or so. That was strange. And poor little Em. She's been spitting up every feeding. Yucky curdles. I feel bad for all 3 of them . But other than those things, they've been fine. Like I said. We'll see. Joanna has been so helpful and sweet today. It has been a real joy! I'm hoping the I-don't-like-Mommy phase is OVER!!! She's been doing really well the past couple days.

Well, that's all for me. Thanks for reading.


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