School: Week 3

I don't even know if anyone reads this. But I'll put this out there anyway.

Well, we are in week 3 of school and if you asked me just last week, I would have told you that I didn't want anything to do with the PACES ever again! I mean, I was done. And that was only week 2.

BUT! Now that we have a new system in place. I'm in like again.

We have her doing 2 1/2 subjects a day. So, yesterday she did Math, English, and half of Word Building. And then today she did the rest of Word Building, Science, and Social Studies. She got done so much quicker yesterday and today I was amazed! And she was really excited!

Things have been nice here with her and I not constantly at each other's throats. Sigh. I think I'm going to like this homeschooling thing.


Homechooling Adventures.....DAY ONE!

Well, day one in homeschooling has been both interesting and enlightening.

The interesting parts:

Well, Joanna is not NEARLY as excited about school as she thought she'd be. As a matter of fact, she'd rather never do school again. And we're only on day one. This isn't looking good.

Kyle LOVES school to a bad extent. He wants to do everything and learn nothing. He's all about getting his papers done faster than Joanna. And he's been succeeding thus far. The problem is he's not retaining ANYTHING!

Alexander is not interested in sitting at his desk. Coloring for more than 5 minutes. Or being quiet. I don't think I need to say much more on that.

Emilee has not enjoyed this school transition either. She is not enjoying the lack of attention. From me. OR Joanna!

The enlightening parts:

I have very little patience. I've kind of always known that about myself, but I really saw it today. It's something I'm going to work diligently on. My kids deserve better than that.

Unfortunately It doesn't seem like I'll be mastering that any time real soon. Please keep me in your prayers.

Joanna really, REALLY know's how to play dumb when she wants. And for some reason, that's really surprising to me.

Kyle would be fabulous as an only child. If I could give him my undivided attention, he's FLY!

Alex isn't very good at playing on his own. He doesn't seem to know what to do without Joanna and Kyle.

Emilee is a spoiled little baby girl! That being said, I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

I don't really know that homechooling is for us. But with that being said, I am so glad to have my children home with me. To know that I'm influencing every part of their lives with what I think is important. To build their character. So, I guess for now, homeschooling is for us. And we'll just have to take it one day at a time.

Please continue to keep me and the kids in your prayers. For only one day, this is far more challenging that I could have ever imagined.

One day at a time.....